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History of the College

St Albans Independent College, founded in 1988, is built upon the principle that the best way for students to achieve their potential is by excellent teaching in small group classes with strong personal guidance. Our academic environment is designed to support, motivate and develop our students so that their promise can be fulfilled.

When first established, the College provided personal tutoring to A-level students who were looking to improve their grades in order to secure a place at their chosen university.

In 2003, St Albans Independent College became an accredited school, registered with the Department of Education, and was able to offer GCSE courses for the first time, alongside existing A-level programmes.

In 2004 with the appointment of Assim Jemal as Principal, the College premises were expanded to accommodate the growing number of students attending the College.

In 2011, Elvis Cotena was appointed Co-Principal. Since then, both Principals have worked to develop and broaden both the GCSE & A-level curriculum and to develop management structures to ensure that teaching across the whole College is always of a high standard. This was acknowledged in our most recent Ofsted Inspection Report published in March 2014.

St Albans Independent College continues to evolve and grow and is a thriving Independent College that provides over 20 subjects at GCSE and at A-level, to students from 14 to 19 years of age.

To this day we have remained true to our ethos on which the College was founded.

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