St Albans Independent College founded in 1988, has established an excellent reputation for providing the highest quality education.


Our Values

  • To inspire each student to achieve their full academic potential.
  • To support each individuals’ personal development.
  • To provide flexibility in subject choice and course combinations.
  • To seek to motivate and inspire students to succeed through a varied curriculum.
  • To provide individual support to students in every aspect of their education.
  • To provide an environment where each student feels safe and supported.
  • To create an environment where pupils develop an understanding and respect for the values and beliefs of others.
  • To encourage each student to become the best they can be.

Our Courses...

A-Level Results

1 %
A* - C (2018)
1 %
A* - C (2017)
1 %
A* - C (2016)

2018 GCSE Results

1 %
GRADE 9,7,8
1 %
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Student Comments...