Maths continues to be the most popular A-Level choice and is the subject that more students enter University with than any other.

Maths is a problem-solving discipline which develops many key transferable skills. Historically it has been significant in the study of science, medicine and engineering and is also useful in the financial sector.

Being able to work effectively with numbers is only a small part (fraction) of Maths.  At A-Level we explore Pure Maths, Statistics and Mechanics to give a solid grounding in the main areas of the subject.

Further Maths is helpful for those going on to study the sciences, engineering or economics.  Students take it in addition to Maths, and in doing so they can explore the different branches of the subject in greater depth.  They also have the option of studying Decision Maths to gain an appreciation of relatively modern developments in the application of maths to solve real life problems, particularly in the business world.  Decision Maths also connects Computing to Maths.

As well as being able to understand statistics and to spot mathematical patterns and relationships, mathematicians have the potential to provide the knowledge power to change science and technology. Amongst the most exciting research areas where mathematicians are currently involved are the race to develop the first quantum computer and the development of Anti-Viral therapies

Further Maths