The College

St Albans Tutors Independent Sixth College was founded in 1988 and has established an excellent reputation for providing the highest quality education.

Class sizes are limited to no more than seven students so that students are assured of significant personal attention. This allows students to build confidence and achieve excellent grades.

All of our teachers are both highly qualified and experienced and many are current or former examiners.

We offer a wide range of A-level and GCSE courses, including Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Maths and Humanities. The A-level programme is designed to be flexible so that any combination of AS, A2 and full one-year A-levels can be offered.

There is a strong expectation that students work to the best of their abilities yet there the College promotes and an informal and friendly atmosphere where students are on first name terms with teachers and there is no formal dress code.

The high-achieving ethos at the College is fostered by our Student Mentoring system that continuously monitors students’ progress across all of their subjects. Mentors provide guidance and help motivate student to achieve their academic potential.

Senior leaders are aware of teachers’ strengths and areas for development. They confirm that the characteristics of the most effective teaching observed in the inspection are standard practice at St Albans Tutors. These include teachers’ excellent, high-level subject knowledge; very high expectations of students to participate and learn; and an adult atmosphere where students’ understanding is continually checked and extended by fast, deep questioning and reference to what they need to do to gain good examination grades. Such teaching motivates students, who participate enthusiastically.

Ofsted Inspection Report (March 2014)