Exam Centre

St Albans Tutors is a registered and accredited centre for sitting exams with the AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC examining boards.
We accept Private Candidates for nearly all examinations and we are able to accommodate most A Level and GCSE subjects, including IGCSEs

To enter an exam through the College, please complete and return the Private Candidate Form and the signed Data Protection Notice together with payment. The form can be emailed to our exams officer at sue@stalbanstutors.org.uk or posted to the college office.

When applying you will also be required to provide copies of the following documents:

Photo ID (copy of passport or drivers licence)
Details of previous exam sittings (copies of any relevant exam statements)
Copies of any documentary evidence of any Access Arrangements to be requested(Extra time, use of word-processor, scribe or reader).

If you wish to apply for specific access arrangements, please provide an up-to-date Educational Psychologist’s Report or medical letter which specifies the arrangements to be requested. Please note that we will only be able accept up to date reports which meet the current requirements laid down by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

When completing the Private Candidate Form it is important to ensure that all of the details given are accurate. We will only process your application on the basis of the information you provide.

Exam Entry Fees Fees for Access Arrangements Private Candidate Form (A-Level)
AS/A-Level Reader/ Scribe: £16ph Private Candidate Form (GCSE)
Per AS or A2 Module: £115 Separate Room: £20ph Data Protection Notice
GCSE Use of Word Processor £15 per sitting Entry Deadline Dates (A-Level & GCSE)
£165 (linear exams)
£55 per module (modular exams)

Paying for Exams

Candidates (or their parents/guardians) can pay for examinations by debit or credit card over the phone, by cash in person at the office, cheque or by bank transfer. Cheque should be made payable to St Albans Tutors Ltd, with the candidates details written on the back of the back for reference.  Payments by cheque must be received by the college office at least two weeks before the deadline for entry.

Entry Deadlines & Late Entries

If you have missed the deadline date but still wish to be entered, then please contact our exams officer. Late entries are made at the discretion of the College and will be subject to a late entry fee.

For further information please our exams officer Sue Holdup either by calling the college office on 01727 842348 or by e-mailing: sue@stalbanstutors.org.uk.

Post Results

The college provides a number of Post Results Services to students who have taken exams through our centres. Before requesting one of these services, please speak with our exams officer before completing and returning a Post Results Request Form, together with the appropriate fee.